Garden rooms the new alternative to conservatory

Published in Maidenhead Advertiser, Monday 19th November 2012

You need more space but can’t afford to move. What do you do?

A conservatory has traditionally been the way to add more room, but people are finding them limiting; too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Building regulations mean they have to be closed off from the rest of the house and to top it all off, newly installed conservatories must not be connected to the main central heating because of the environmental impact – they’ll crank up your fuel bills like no tomorrow.

So what’s the alternative? 2013 is seeing a trend towards ‘Garden Rooms’.

With the relaxation of planning permission laws, many homeowners are realising that a glazed home extension, with a solid roof and walls, is the way to go. They get a custom-designed space that seamlessly integrates and extends other rooms. Without the hassle of fluctuating temperatures, and with connectivity to rest of the house and a garden room is useable all year round.

James King, founder and owner of Oliver James Garden Rooms has some top tips for creating the perfect space:

  • Get inspiration from the colours in your garden. Choose a theme for your décor that complements and reflects. To get closer to nature, opt for natural shades and textures.
  • Add natural light – solar-powered skylights close instantly and automatically at the first chance of rain.
  • Install decking or a patio at the identical level as your garden room. This will draw the eye outwards and really highlight a beautiful view. Keeping everything on the same level makes the outside an extension of your ground floor space.
  • Consider a wireless audio system. Our clients are choosing Bluetooth sound systems that pick up their music library from their phone as soon as they walk into their Garden Room – no clumsy docking station required. We’ve even installed external patio speakers to create the perfect barbeque ambience.
  • In a smaller property, use paler colours on your walls and choose bi-folding doors which have extra-wide panes of glass. This really creates the illusion of increased space. To give a pop of colour, be bold and bright with your accessories and furnishings – indigo will be a massive colour trend for 2013.
Garden rooms the new alternative to conservatory
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