We Now Do KitchensCrown

Having now designed and built over 150 Garden rooms, we have seen every side of the kitchen design and install business. As a company we would create the space and watch our clients interact with kitchen suppliers large and small good and bad. We created a questionnaire for clients as a prompt sheet to help clients ask the correct questions in order that we all had a positive seamless experience.

Clients would say “why on earth do you not supply and fit kitchens”.

So from the beginning of 2019 we have teamed up with Crown Kitchens and now offer to build you an amazing garden room and if you wish we will design and install your kitchen.

So from the beginning to the end we will create a space on your home that will rival, if not exceed any new home on todays market as it will be your input that drives the design. To us this is the ultimate in environmental responsibility by making your home work for you as opposed to purchasing a new home.

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