South Bucks Project – Week Three

Another week without rain. I can confirm that this has been a very dry winter, no rain and in this part of the country no snow to speak of. As I type the heavens will open for sure but we are now at the end of week three roofed in and the gutters are fitted.

We tile all our roofs to compliment the original house, it’s not often we can’t match the existing tiles.

We create a vaulted ceiling as opposed to flat. We believe this gives the room a much more open feel with the height created. We fit almost as standard, Velux roof lights. We use a square roof light that’s electrically operated. With certain products we only fit the best on the market as the products are well tested and the after sales are fantastic. Saying this we have in the time we’ve been installing the Velux product not had one breakdown on us.

I have included a link from Velux that shows off their range of products that we install. On the Velux site there’s a great download about bringing your ideas to life

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