The Savill Garden, Windsor

I was lucky enough this week to visit The Savill Garden in Windsor last week and have posted a photo of the roof of the pavilllion. The roof is constructed out of timber sourced from Windsor Great Park. It really shows what can be done and the beauty in a structure.

Repairing a glazed conservatory roof will be expensive, and will probably need replacing again.

A conservatory is not a habitable room, being too cold in winter and too hot in summer. Research at Cranfield University has shown that the average south-facing conservatory reaches a comfortable temperature for only two hours a day, unless energy is expended on artificial heating or cooling…

Whilst in South Bucks I decided to visit Ercol the furniture company and loved the simple lasting designs and was pleased to see that a modern twist on designs are creating so much positive media and local employment.

We often get the opportunity to discuss clients furniture ideas and was this week introduced to, a great stylish furniture store. “Beautiful furniture without the high street markup”.

South Bucks Project – Photos

Further to our weekly update of the project in South Bucks we have now had some completed photos of the project taken by our client.

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