It’s All In A Name

I’ve been asked to write a blog.

Pretty ironic for a builder from Bletchley, so bear with me grammar and poor smelling!

It’s All In A Name It’s All In A Name

How does a name start?

A question I’ve been pondering for a while.

The term ‘scientist’ was created in 1834 by a Cambridge professor, William Whewell. Before he defined the word scientist, people were regarded as philosophers and ‘cultivators’ of science. I like his approach, so I have coined two terms of my own, first, Para-builder, as I’m registered blind and a builder. I am officially calling myself a Para-builder. I also happen to be a Para-entrepreneur, because I started my own business, Oliver James Garden Rooms.

My research, or rather Google search tells me:

It’s All In A Name

“The word Paralympics means “parallel with the Olympics”, with the para prefix coming from the Greek word for alongside. The name was chosen to embody the spirit of the two movements existing side-by-side.”

There is a common misconception that para is short for paraplegic, which dates back to the Games’ origins. The first version of the Paralympics was a competition for wheelchair athletes held at Stoke Mandeville Hospital on the first day of the 1948 London Olympics.

Sir Ludwig Gutmann, the neurologist who organised the event, was quoted as saying that the Stoke Mandeville Games (as they were then called) would one day be acknowledged as “the Paraplegics’ equivalent of the Olympics”.

It’s All In A Name

So, I tell the lads on site “I’m a Para-builder” their reaction is not one I can type up, but I do remind them that each and every one of us, whether able-bodied or not, has an impairment of one form or another. Some are aware of theirs, some ignore it and some remain blissfully unaware.

Of course, the enlightened few that become aware of their impairment and refuse to let it get in their way are the real champions.

You heard it here first.


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