How to get your builder on side, strong tea and two sugars Mug of Tea

I’ve been prompted, by some of my clients’, to write a blog about tea, sugar and want we all now lovingly refer to as, “a cup of builders [tea].” Not Earl Grey, nor Twinnings Peppermint or the lovely designed Tea Pigs. I mean, REAL tea – strong and sweet!

Before I get into this, I want to explain that I no longer take sugar in my tea, and out of all the team at Oliver James involved in creating beautiful garden rooms for our clients, I’m the one who has Roman numerals inside my corporate fleece, usually XXXXL!

Oh, and as a para-builder when I’m out, I’m often asked do I take sugar. I usually answer with, “I try to steer clear of the white powder nowadays, as you can tell by my physique!” So, sugar has been forcibly removed from my diet.

This leaves the real men, those who do take sugar in their tea. As a company we do provide a tea box, along with mugs and powdered milk or long life UHT (you can’t beat real milk but it only lasts a few days). I explain to our new clients, that if you wish to offer a cuppa to the lads, they will never refuse. May be at 4pm on a Friday when their thoughts drift to something in a pint glass but never between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Thursday. You will get through bags of sugar like you’ve never experienced. An army may march on its stomach but builders build on their sugar-rush!

So why make the lads a cuppa and a digestive if you’re feeling in a good mood? Well, in my humble opinion it brings joy and takes the lads to another level.
The moment you give a builder a sweet cuppa and he takes his first sip, he is yours. It presents you with the ideal opportunity to talk about your project and ask all the questions you want to. What’s this? What’s that? When are the doors arriving? How long will the roof take to fit? Will it get messy? And so on!

You do not have to worry about sending SMS. No need to write a long email. You can avoid worrying over your Gantt chart. All you need to create effective communication with your builder is a cuppa, with lots of sugar.


For clarity, and in my own defence, please always refer back to me or Kay, as the guys are so focused on tea, they may of course, tell you anything that you want to hear. Stock up on tea bags, sugar and keep the builders sweet and you’ll have eating out of your hands!

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