Garden Rooms: The big home trend for 2013

Published in Female First, Tuesday 13th November 2012

Garden Rooms are the evolution of the conservatory and are set to be massive for 2013.

Garden Rooms: The big home trend for 2013

James King, founder and owner of Oliver James Garden Rooms has recently been shortlisted for an International Design & Architecture Award for his beautiful and functional Garden Rooms. James’ work is not only stunning, but it’s also extraordinary when you find out that he is visually impaired with a serious sight condition that limits his field of vision and prevents him from being able to drive.

The company provides the ultimate in tailored, end-to-end service – from initial planning permission application to hand-crafted catflaps and even installing handsfree bluetooth so that the client can listen to their iPod wirelessly through their patio speakers. With the relaxations in planning laws last month and extortionate costs of moving, there’s never been a better time to extend current property.

In the 80s and 90s it was all about how many bedrooms you had – now it’s all about effective use of ground-floor space. We create that space for our clients and integrate rooms seamlessly.

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