How to get your builder on side, strong tea and two sugars Mug of Tea

I’ve been prompted, by some of my clients’, to write a blog about tea, sugar and want we all now lovingly refer to as, “a cup of builders [tea].” Not Earl Grey, nor Twinnings Peppermint or the lovely designed Tea Pigs. I mean, REAL tea – strong and sweet!

Success in the face of adversity Stelios

This week, I was delighted to be invited to the Annual Stelios Award for Entrepreneurs with a Disability 2017, held at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea. As a proud, past winner of this award it’s heartening to see how many entrants there were this year, and furthermore, the exceptional quality of the businesses represented in the competition.

It’s All In A Name Downing Street

I’ve been asked to write a blog. Pretty ironic for a builder from Bletchley, so bear with me grammar and poor smelling! How does a name start? A question I’ve been pondering for a while. The term ‘scientist’ was created in 1834 by a Cambridge professor, William Whewell. Before he defined the word scientist, people were regarded as philosophers and ‘cultivators’ of science...

The Huf-House Huf

The Huf-House principles and good design that stand the test of time

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