We Now Do Kitchens Crown

Having now designed and built over 150 Garden rooms, we have seen every side of the kitchen design and install business. As a company we would create the space and watch our clients interact with kitchen suppliers large and small good and bad. We created a questionnaire for clients as a prompt sheet to help clients ask the correct questions in order that we all had a positive seamless experience.

How to get your builder on side, strong tea and two sugars Mug of Tea

I’ve been prompted, by some of my clients’, to write a blog about tea, sugar and want we all now lovingly refer to as, “a cup of builders [tea].” Not Earl Grey, nor Twinnings Peppermint or the lovely designed Tea Pigs. I mean, REAL tea – strong and sweet!

It’s All In A Name Downing Street

I’ve been asked to write a blog. Pretty ironic for a builder from Bletchley, so bear with me grammar and poor smelling! How does a name start? A question I’ve been pondering for a while. The term ‘scientist’ was created in 1834 by a Cambridge professor, William Whewell. Before he defined the word scientist, people were regarded as philosophers and ‘cultivators’ of science...

Success in the face of adversity Stelios

This week, I was delighted to be invited to the Annual Stelios Award for Entrepreneurs with a Disability 2017, held at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea. As a proud, past winner of this award it’s heartening to see how many entrants there were this year, and furthermore, the exceptional quality of the businesses represented in the competition.

The Huf-House Huf

The Huf-House principles and good design that stand the test of time

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